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Hemp Cacao Cookie 50gr. VEGAN

SKU: hemp cookie 50gr
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Crunchy, protein-packed cookie with hemp seeds and cacao powder. An adventurous flavor that will follow your free spirit everywhere. Kookie Cat Bio Product Kookie Cat Vegan Kookie Cat Gluten Free Kookie Cat Soy Free Kookie Cat Wheat Free Kookie Cat Palm Oil Free Kookie Cat KLBD gluten free oat flakes*, cashew*, coconut blossom nectar*, hemp seed*(12%), coconut oil*, cacao powder*(3,5%), hemp protein*, Bourbon vanilla*. * Ingredient from organic agriculture. For allergens see ingredients in bold. Value for 100g (g) Energy (kJ) 2006 Energy (kcal) 481 Protein 13 Carbohydrates 38 of which sugars 15 Fats 30 of which saturated 13 Fibres 4

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